McMahon's Point

A word from us

We are very grateful to have had so many of our friends and family spending pretty much the whole day with us, and also those who have come from interstate and overseas.

By the same token, we would also like to express our gratitude to family who could not make it to Sydney. From Grace's side: 婆婆, 五叔一家, 舅公一家, 二姨一家, 舅父一家, 二舅父一家, 三姨一家, 尾姨一家.

From Jackie's side: 公公, 婆婆, 姨丈, 大舅父, 細舅父. We have not forgetten our friends but unfortunately we cannot list everyone here.

You all mean very much to us and these photo galleries are for you.

A word from us
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